Polytec vibrometer software s

I am using LabVIEW version f2, but I said ver since mine wasn't there in the dropdown. I am new to Labview, but am trying to catch up fast since I think it is an absolutely amazing software. I use a Polytech Vibrometer OFV to measure displacements and velocities in the micro/nano lab, and wanted to acquire data on the PC via a RS cable. Data acquisition, visualization and evaluation form the very essence of Polytec’s high-tech vibration measurement tools. And for this very purpose, Polytec is offering you high-performance software packages for device control, data acquisition and data processing that enable users to represent their measuring results in an intuitive and animated way and to exchange data with external. The Polytec OFV Modular Vibrometer is a m non-contact laser doppler vibrometer with a frequency range of DC - 24 MHz that includes a customizable laser turn .

Polytec vibrometer software s

If you are looking New Colour-Infused Neutrals]: An Introduction to Non-Contact Vibration Measurement

Display all pictures. OFV pokytec system makes non-contact vibration analysis very simple. More Details: Polytec Laser Vibrometers. More details. Polytec vibrometer software s date:. This product is not sold individually. You must select at least 1 quantity for this product. Add to cart.

Polytec’s laser vibrometers have become the globally recognized standard for non-contact vibration measurements. But that’s hardly surprising, since the extensive range of products offers you solutions to virtually any vibration-related issue in research, development, production and long-term monitoring. Whatever question regarding vibration measurement drives you, there is a PSV Polytec Scanning Vibrometer to provide the answer – for frequencies from DC to 25 MHz, capturing vibrational velocities of µm/s up to 30 m/s, studying samples from micro to macro. Choose between solid rack type or flexible and portable notebook version. Polytec was founded back in to distribute commercial laser technology to industrial and research markets. A large team of engineers and scientists develops and sells innovative light-based test and measurement instruments for many applications. Polytec's experienced manufacturing team produces the devices and many of its components. The device works contactlessly and therefore measures the dynamics of even small samples in a completely undistorted way. The tried-and-tested and continuously optimized Polytec scanning vibrometer software makes operating the instrument child’s play and allows the user to create clear animations of the measuring results. Apr 23,  · Polytec’s team of engineers brought both the Polytec MPV Multipoint Vibrometer and the PSV Scanning Vibro­­­ meter to the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum for a week of testing.Polytec offers laser doppler vibrometers designed as real solutions to our And for this very purpose, Polytec is offering you high-performance software. Polytec offers laser doppler vibrometers (LDV) designed as real solutions to our And for this very purpose, Polytec is offering you high-performance software. Data acquisition for laser Doppler vibrometers The software is open to common standards: for example, recording the time and FFT data for arbitrary voltage. Polytec Update is a software tool that provides your Polytec products with the vibrometers additionally controls all the vibrometer settings via the RS or. Vibrometer Software Basic Principles of Vibrometry requires VIB-S-Video option, sensor head equipped with internal video camera and PC with video input. - Use polytec vibrometer software s and enjoy Polytec: VibSoft Data Acquisition Software

Standard features include 20 kHz signal and reference channels, IEPE power supply for third-party sensors e. VibSoft requires no external power source. Thus, powerful data analysis is at your fingertips anywhere you can take a notebook computer. The analog-to-digital converter ADC board included in these packages is intended for digitizing both the analog velocity and displacement signals from the vibrometer controller output, as well as reference signals of various origins. VibSoft can be operated in conjunction with any single-point laser vibrometer ranging from industrial vibration sensors to high-end, OFVbased vibrometer systems. VibSoft is available as a standard two-channel version with maximum signal bandwidths of either. When more inputs are needed for velocity, displacement or frequency response measurements, VibSoft can be ordered in an expanded four-channel version that works well with the OFV Modular Vibrometer Controller. In the VDD system, a quadrature demodulator generates the sine and cosine components of the sensor head signal.

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